Welcome to the Giant Showcase!  An all new episode coming this Thursday!  Click HERE to view the current November 2019 episode (#27). (Highlights from last month's show are below.)

Showcasing the best in arts, athletics and academics!

The Giant Showcase is a production of WSOT Studios in conjunction with Marion Community Schools. We're proud to showcase our schools, our students and those within the school system who make the everyday "ordinary" into something extraordinary!  Check back every month for fresh new content and exciting announcements featuring the very best Marion Community Schools has to offer! 

Giant Showcase episode # 27

An all new episode with all new guests!  On this episode, students who shine: some of the very best talent at Marion Community Schools.  We interview three panels of students who share their passion for excellence and discuss what it means to be a Giant by choice.  Don't miss it!

We keep a running archive of all our past shows.  If you'd like to watch an older episode, simply click to visit the media archive page.