The Little Giants shine bright!

On this episode, we speak with Kerri Wortinger, representing Marion Community Schools' Little Giants program. We'll also get to hear from school administration, commenting on why this program is GIANT!


Find out what makes Little Giants so special as our students and parents join us on this month's show.  Don't miss a second of this adorable episode!


What is the Giant Showcase?

The Giant Showcase is a production of WSOT Studios in conjunction with Marion Community Schools. We're proud to showcase our schools, our students and those within the school system who make the everyday "ordinary" into something extraordinary!   Check back every month for fresh new content and exciting announcements featuring the very best Marion Community Schools has to offer!


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 About Dr. Lindsay

Dr. Lindsay counts it an honor and privilege to be a part of the Marion community schools team. He is also a talented and dynamic administrator with years of educational experience under his belt. He earned his educational specialist degree at Indiana State University and brings his "Giant Pride" with him everywhere he goes.  Dr. Lindsay officially joined the MCS team in 2013.


About the Host 

Angela Stepp joins us as host for Giant Showcase alongside Marion Community Schools' Superintendent, Mr. Brad Lindsay. Angela is a well-seasoned show host and currently also the host of WSOT TV's CityTalk and Connecting Lives' "Connect" program. She is proud to be a Marion resident and Grant County native.